We’re not nuts!

I love it in the spring when the oxygen is pumped into my lungs and from there it goes to my brain, and I can start my day with a fresh mind!

I remember the irritation of getting stuck in a traffic jam, the feeling of time wasted and the overall helplessness. Or the frustration of waiting for the already late bus to work. Now I have the power and the sense of agency! I can squeeze between cars or enjoy the comfort of my electric four-wheeler on a rainy day. I’m not that much into mechanics, though. I know how to remove and clean the carburetor, I can name the basic parts of the motorbike – and that’s about it 🙂

I’m in it for the emotions. The sense of freedom and of control. The temptation to show off and the pleasure of not giving in to this temptation. When riding a motorbike, one needs to think ahead of the dangers that await around the corner, anticipate how other drivers will behave and how the bike will behave on a given surface. Let’s be frank: the biker is exposed to many threats and his/her life (but not only theirs!) depends on quick decisions. They call us organ donors for a reason! (Although there is little use of organs taken from a high-velocity accident victim…).

I was given my very first motorcycle by my uncle – and I was gone in an instant! Now I’m a happy owner of a Daelima VT and Kawasaki Eliminator. When riding them, I can really feel the wind in my hair – well, in what still remains of them, anyway… 😉

But not all bikers share my attitude towards biking. I’m practical and I hate wasting my time in the traffic jam. I love the comfort of a cruising journey on a chopper frame. But I do understand those who get excited by the speed or by the cross-country biking. And those who treat the whole thing in mystic terms and spend hours removing and putting back all the parts, polishing, speaking to and caressing their machines.

What do we have in common? We can always count on each other. And all of us, no matter our approach to motorcycles, want to get back home safely. Because we’re not nuts.

Written by

Cyprian Śniegota

Senior Java Developer


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Nick van Xanten

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Nick van Xanten

Sales Manager