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Agri-wallet - helping farmers in managing their businesses and encourages them to invest

The client

COIN22 is a mobile and digital financial platform. The transactions are made by simple SMS commands, so the platform can be used anywhere in the world, on both smart and ‘dumb’ mobile phones. All transactions can be monitored and tracked online.

The problem

The agriculture sector dominates Kenya’s economy. Unfortunately, most of the farmers do not have the required financial resources to improve the harvest from their farms. They do not have any collateral for a loan, so they can’t get the credit from traditional banks – which, by the way, are far away from the farms.

The solution

We’ve developed the Agri-wallet system that is used to provide fast and simple money transfers. Agri-wallet allows farmers to get the loan from the government (to invest in their farm by e.g. buying fertilizer or tools) using a simple mobile phone (Internet connection and dedicated devices are not required). The system also allows for accepting payments for goods e.g. fertilizer or grain. The payments can be divided into two parts: one can be paid out in real money (via an integration with an external financial service provider), the other can be stored as the digital money in COIN22 system. As a result, farmers can both buy goods and products, and save the surpluses.

Using the Agri-wallet helps farmers in managing their businesses and encourages them to invest.

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Technologies used:

  • ASP .NET






Type of project:

Web application

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Nick van Xanten

Sales Manager

Nick van Xanten

Sales Manager