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Tellma - Video Kiosk

The video-enabled kiosk terminals are available with various features and functionalities depending on the unique needs of the customers.

About project

Together with tellma GmbH we provide a full package solution including software, hardware, consultation, support, rollout and field management to financial organisations looking to achieve their needs of digitalisation whilst maintaining full service and support to their customers. The video-enabled kiosk terminals help banks and financial organisations engage customers using the strongest video communication API platform on the market.

The solution offers a vast array of features & functionalities such as: Video-Identification, E-signature on dedicated signing pads, Co-browsing, Printing/Scanning and even full control of the kiosk terminal by the Agent whereby they can control the doors, shading, air-conditioning and lighting of the terminal room.

As of October 2020 numerous cooperative banks, savings banks and cantonal bank in Europe have opted to use the video-enabled kiosk terminals to continue servicing their customers whilst cutting back on the expenses of regional and local branche offices.

Why use video-enabled kiosk terminals?

Why this cooperation and solution is currently successful is that banks are able to maintain service & support whilst reducing their costs. Instead of high operational costs for bank branches they can now maintain presence and fully support customers using video-enabled kiosk terminals for a much lower cost.

Name of client:

tellma GmbH

Name of project:

Video Kiosk - Engage banking customers through video-enabled kiosks



Technologies used:




  • JAVA 11






Type of project:

Video Kiosk

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Nick van Xanten

Sales Manager

Nick van Xanten

Sales Manager