We work with IT companies a lot, and many of those big IT and software companies promise everything and it ends up being a disaster in the end. I have never had that experience with Yameo as they always deliver on what they promise, and it is always for good money.

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Reginald Vogelzang
Vice President Innovation and Member of Board of Directors at DEKRA Service Division.

Software Consultancy

Software consultancy helps with digital business transformation and solving your software problems through business, technical, and operational analysis.

To succeed with your software project and grow your business it’s best to avoid the risk of failure by thoroughly examining your business goals and requirements, reviewing your current technology, and seizing opportunities with new improvements. We support companies with our software and domain expertise within the finance, insurance, and healthcare industries so that they can gain value from their digital solutions and become top leaders in the market. If you want to address the risks connected to digital transformation, our experts can consult your software projects and give you advice based on your business needs. Our goal is to support you and provide insights and ideas so that your company can successfully perform its operations. After all, we succeed only if you succeed.

This page is for you if you want to:

  • consult your software project,
  • gather insights before starting your software development project,
  • learn what’s the process of software consulting,
  • check if we can be the right partner for you.
  • Do you feel like something is blocking you in the development phase of your software project?
  • You work with software that doesn’t fully meet your needs and business goals?
  • Maybe you only have the business knowledge and want to gather some IT insights before starting your software development project?
  • Or do you need to find a software solution best fits your business requirements?

Scope of Yameo consultation services:

For a new software project:

Software development consulting
Advising on software solutions to cover your business goals and requirements so that you can get the exact solution you need.
Business process analysis
Analysing your business processes and planning improvements based on software such as workflow automation, quick reporting, cloud utilization, video integration, etc., to enhance your business efficiency.
Software licensing/compliance
Running assessment checks and verifying compliance with industry law and regulations to eliminate violations and assure your business remains financially secure.
Software selection
Recommending software solutions and pricing that best fit your requirements and market needs and allow for successful business development.
Software architecture consulting
Identifying issues in software architecture to avoid business and customer impact.
SaaS consulting
Strategic planning of your software development, tech stack, and features to ensure quick and high ROI and product growth.
Project management consulting
Establishing processes to control your project and make sure it’s delivered within deadlines and budget.
Cloud consulting
Recognizing and gaining value from cloud computing such as reducing operational costs, quick deployment, and data security.

For an existing software project

Software modernization
Establishing possible software updates to newer programing languages, frameworks, and infrastructure platforms to keep up with your competitors, enhance your customer service, and offer new services.
Tech stack analysis
Reviewing the applications you are using, recommending new updates and tools so that you continue to meet customer and market needs.
Code quality check
Analysing your code, its quality, and consistency, to quickly locate and fix bugs.
Security consulting
Identifying vulnerabilities, threats, and risks in your software so that you can protect your business.
Performance consulting
Testing your software’s performance, speed, stability, and scalability to quickly address and fix the issues.
CI/CD process consultation
Analysing your CI/CD process or introducing CI/CD pipeline to optimize your processes and get better quality code.
Cloud-native (Kubernetes/cloud consulting)
Helping to maximize your cloud needs in order to reduce development and release timeframes and optimize costs.

Whether you want to start a development project or diagnose the issues with your current software, the process looks similar:


We schedule a Discovery Call to find out at which point in your software development project you are:

  • you plan to start it but don’t know-how?
  • already prepared business requirements but need IT know-how?
  • started the development but need some advice?
  • your software is in production and has some bugs you can’t identify?
  • you are looking for improvements to add to your solution.


Once we establish at which point in the development you are, we also need to learn about your business goals, requirements, and workflow. Which processes are associated with the software, and how do you use/plan to use it? After that we can explore the pain points, and what seems to be the issue. We need to acquire as much information as you can provide, to establish a plan and move forward.


What’s important is that we won’t be able to diagnose your problem at this point. We can only gather information and use it to prepare the action plan.

After we learn about your situation and current software needs and pain points, our experts will prepare an action plan with our recommended next steps. We establish a goal based on your current needs, create an objective for your success, and set an action plan on how we plan to guarantee that success. Our goal is to create a process including what needs to be checked, analyzed, and done so that we can formulate a strategy for implementing more efficient software.


If you accept the offer, we can start working according to the plan. We conduct checks, tests, and analyses to identify the exact issues with your software or processes. As soon as we are familiar with your current software and infrastructure, we can make further recommendations on what can be implemented or improved. All in all, the end goal is to make you satisfied with your software and capture the full potential and value that goes with it.


Why Yameo?

  • Our consultants are not only experts in software development but also have domain expertise and a good understanding of processes in the finance, insurance, and healthcare industries, as we have developed software solutions for them for over 16 years.
  • Our company has a proven track record of working not only on big-scale projects with top companies like DEKRA, AON, and World Vision but also with smaller scale-ups like COIN22. You can feel safe working with us since we have been a reliable partner to all our clients.
  • Our solutions show real effects for our clients. You can trust us, as we have multiple case studies that show what you can achieve with the use of our services.
  • You can get the highest standard of service as we are ISO 27001 certified, meaning that we have met the standards of data security, data management, software development, and best practices for security for software houses – your solution will be standards-compliant, and your data will be safe.
  • Our Employees are also trainers in well-know software development academies and are teaching future it developers how to best enroll your software.

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