Their services are both high-quality and affordable. We’ve engaged other companies with the same scope of work and received much more expensive quotes.”

Richard Lankas
Technical Director, Disaster Management Digital Solutions at World Vision International

Solid software for top leaders

For the last 18 years we have built software that changes people’s lives. We care about clients and end users delivering apps with the highest possible quality.

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We deploy world class solutions. See how we can design, build and scale your vision in the most efficient way.

7 customers work with us for more than 8 years – long term partnership.

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We solve real life problems

We are experts in the following areas


Fintech solutions based on both front and back facing processes: from blockchain to video banking and more.


Everything from tele-health, backend claims processing systems, gamification and much more!


17 years of building Insurance solutions for both front and backend use cases with industry leaders.


There is always a need for software, no matter what industry you operate in. Check out our successful case studies.

In quality we believe. Our clients will tell you.

Our partnerships, certificates and reviews

We work with IT companies a lot, and many of those big IT and software companies promise everything and it ends up being a disaster in the end. I have never had that experience with Yameo as they always deliver on what they promise, and it is always for good money.

Reginald Vogelzang
Vice President Innovation and Member of Board of Directors at DEKRA Service Division.

Their services are both high-quality and affordable. We’ve engaged other companies with the same scope of work and received much more expensive quotes.”

Richard Lankas
Technical Director, Disaster Management Digital Solutions at World Vision International

Yameo effectively supports our needs and ideas. If we come up with ideas for innovative solutions, they help us translate them into opportunities — they do this quite fast. Overall, the support that we receive from them in this rapidly changing market is outstanding. The feedback of our internal and external stakeholders proves that.

Christian Ritter
Vice President Service Development Division Claims & Expertise

Clutch reviews

We’re very pleased with all the positive feedback we’ve received over the years. Thank you to all of our clients across the globe who continue to put their faith in us.

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Partners and Certifications

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  • Amplifyre Partner

How we work

Initial Insight


Define the challenge



Defined Problem Refined Solution


Design and build


Launch and test

Ready for new


Hosting and SLA

New ideas



Share your ideas, challenges, problems and vision in a first ideation meeting. Building trust and knowing your business and practices is especially important to us.


We’re an organisation of creative people with a passion for sustainable development. We love to create a vision and work together through workshops to evaluate, refine, and build your ideas. We help organisations realise their projects by connecting them with the right people and resources and build a concise project plan.


We start by giving you a clear overview plan on development, deliverables and timeline – this way you know exactly what to expect. We generally work in an Agile fashion meaning you will have frequent moments to test what we have developed, offer feedback and keep full oversight into the progress.


Your new solution deserves an immaculate launch. We offer a complete range of services, from deployment to handovers and training, everything can be tailored for your business needs.


Our maintenance and SLA services are designed to cover your needs from installation to updates, from monitoring to digital repairs when needed! Our clients often have SLA’s to ensure they have more time to do what matters most: running their business.

New Ideas

Often is the case that we are a digitalisation consultant & partner for our customers – providing new ideas and hearing what other challenges & problems they face and where software can offer a solution. This also applies to solutions we have previously built for them as we provide data and information and share ideas on enhancing or further improving on what they already have. This is how we achieve Solid Software for Top Leaders.

Technologies we use

  • Android
  • Docker
  • Java
  • Angular
  • PostgreSQL
  • Spring
  • DotNET
  • Swift
  • Vonage

We want to work with you!

Let us prove that we are the best choice you can have. Just one call with us might solve many of your IT problems and you will gain a Trusted Tech Partner for years, not months.

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