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5 Ways Artificial Intelligence will change software development

25 May 2022 posted by Nick van Xanten

First, let us quickly summarize ‘what is Artificial Intelligence?’. Simply put, it is computer systems that use algorithm-based learning to perform tasks that would otherwise require human intelligence. And its impact on software development is going to be huge! What is even more important, it is not going to happen 10 years from now but is expected in the near future. Here is a look at 5 ways Artificial Intelligence in software development will impact the future.


1. Speed and Scale of Development 

More often than not, the goal of technology is to save time. Time-based performance indicators along the software development process, such as speed, scale, and testing, greatly improve with the implementation of AI machine-based learning. 

For example, before artificial intelligence programmers, software developers had to hire quality assurance analysts to manually test the functionality of their new software. This type of manual testing took more time and required more resources, often involving a chance of error. Since artificial intelligence can conduct all these tests automatically and more thoroughly the entire software development process can be shortened, while also producing more accurate results. 

2. Error Management 

The main reason for downtime in the software development process is error management. This is especially true if you run a software-as-a-service (SaaS) or other cloud-based software platforms. And when an error occurs in software, the amount of downtime it takes to correct that error costs money. 

The process of manually correcting software errors is often time-consuming. However, with an A.I.-powered programming assistant, previous software can be automatically analysed and errors are identified and overcome. By identifying possible errors early in the development process, A.I. is able to provide optimal cost-effective error management. 

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3. Strategic Decision-Making 

Another feature of A.I. is its ability to make strategic decisions. A.I. can be programmed to analyse the success and failures of previous software to help with assessing new software, hence reducing risk through better analytics. These analytics allow developers to make smarter and more strategic decisions.  

As this technology continues to grow, computer power and data storage will increase exponentially, enabling further human intelligence to be supplemented with machine precision.  

4. Precision 

Not meeting your deadline is one of the worst outcomes for a software project. In the world of software development, customers expect timelines to be met and cost accurately estimated. 

Recently, developers can train A.I. to generate accurate forecasts for them. Inputting data from past projects, an A.I.-powered machine can determine accurately the time, effort, and budget required to develop each new software project. 

5. Real-Time Feedback 

Most video conferencing solutions implement A.I.-enabled tools to gather real-time feedback from their users. Often this feedback is analyzed to improve customer experience. It can also provide developers with real-time statistics regarding which elements need improvement. By training machine learning algorithms to analyze how each user interacts with a platform, software developers can use A.I. to create the most effective software experiences for their customers.

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Nick van Xanten

I have been at Yameo since 2016 working closely with the customer in understanding their needs and delivery successful projects. My background is in International Business Management with a key eye on Sales and Marketing. I have a big interest in video solutions and so I'm also involved in Yameo's video-oriented projects.

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