Coding is not my love!

I’ve been with yameo for a decade now. I’m the Tech Lead, in charge of the system architecture, but I also code – simply because I like it. They say I’m not your stereotypical developer – I never wear checkered shirts or any other nerdish clothes, I don’t even wear glasses! And my big love is the physical activity.

I’m not claustrophobic, I simply believe that there is so much you can do outdoors. I’ve been attending the gym for a decade now, as it allows me to relax (and you need to be relaxed when coding!), I also like jogging in the open air. Sometimes I’m able to combine the two when there is an outdoor gym on the way.

In the winter I make it my point to go to the mountains to do some snowboarding (I still need encouragement to try skiing, though). I also like to try out things that release some adrenaline, e.g. paragliding. But my true and only love is horse riding!

Horse riding is my family sport. It’s a passion passed from father to son. And owing your own horses makes pursuing this passion a whole lot easier… 😉

What do I like about it the most? The thrill! The power of an animal that cannot be fully controlled (try to make it stop!) and the element of surprise.

Horse riding is also about building a relation with the horse. It gives you a sense of responsibility – but it also makes your body release endorphins (and these, in turn, increase your efficiency and strength). And last but not least: horse riding gives you an opportunity to explore off-road areas – provided that your horse wants to explore them as well… 😉

Here are two interesting facts about horses. Number one: with its eyes on the sides of its head, a horse’s visual field is of over 300 degrees (not bad at all!). Number two: rather than being stroked and clapped, horses like to be scratched with a brush or to rub against your trousers. I’ve noticed that I share a characteristic with my horses: we all hate being limited! The open space gives us wings!

To be able to continue our family tradition of horse breeding, I’ve decided to work remotely. Now I’m always close to what I love.

There are so many challenges ahead of me, so giddy-up!

Written by

Marcin Dudzic

Senior .NET Developer


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Nick van Xanten

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Nick van Xanten

Sales Manager