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Christian Ritter
Vice President Service Development Division Claims & Expertise

ITS: Asset Tracking System for World Vision International


Yameo being World Vision International’s software development partner since 2015, delivered an asset tracking system that addressed all of WVI’s challenges.

Nowadays, humanitarian organizations like World Vision International face the complex challenge of efficiently and securely delivering aid to vulnerable communities during times of crisis. For over a decade, WVI had been relying on the Last Mobile Mile Solution (LMMS) to facilitate disaster management and food commodity distribution. However, the organization recognized the need for a technological transformation to address evolving demands and improve its aid delivery capabilities.


The Challenge

WVI had identified several critical issues that necessitated the development of a comprehensive asset tracking system:

  • Data Silos: WVI’s existing systems lacked the ability to swiftly exchange data, causing inefficiencies and hindering collaboration among teams.
  • Offline Distribution: Humanitarian work often occurs in remote areas with limited internet connectivity. WVI needed a solution that could facilitate offline distribution without relying on an internet connection.
  • Beneficiary Privacy: Protecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and upholding beneficiary dignity were paramount. Existing systems posed privacy challenges.
  • Donor Compliance: Ensuring compliance with donor requirements was crucial for accountability and transparency.
  • Mobility: The solution had to support the mobility of aid workers, enabling them to work in challenging conditions.
  • Cost Efficiency: WVI aimed to reduce the cost of using local roaming servers by leveraging mobile devices’ synchronization capabilities.

Project Initiation

The project commenced with a collaborative effort between WVI and Yameo. Firstly, WVI had prepared a preliminary prototype, and we divided the project into iterations and tasks. We conducted extensive discovery workshops to ensure a thorough understanding of WVI’s requirements, and all workshops were recorded to ensure consistency of arrangements in the later stages of the project.

Scope of Services

Our partnership with WVI encompassed a wide range of services:

Discovery Workshops
Extensive discovery workshops were conducted to understand WVI’s needs thoroughly.
UX & UI Design
Collaborative efforts between our team and WVI ensured a user-friendly design that met the organization’s requirements.
Software Development
Our team of four full-stack developers and two Android mobile developers worked tirelessly to bring ITS to life.
Quality Assurance (QA)
A dedicated QA professional ensured the system’s reliability and functionality.
Project Management
Our project manager oversaw all aspects of the project, ensuring seamless communication and progress tracking.
Ongoing Support
Beyond development and delivery, we do post-deployment support to continuously improve and refine the system, ensuring it remains efficient and up-to-date.

Solving the Problem with Asset Tracking System

The Item Tracking System project took about 1.5 years, during which our teams worked diligently to deliver the best solution possible. The development of the Item Tracking System (ITS) aimed to transform LMMS into a modern platform that addressed all of WVI’s challenges. The key objectives of ITS were as follows:

  • Data Privacy: ITS focused on data privacy, ensuring that Personally Identifiable Information (PII) remained secure.
  • Offline Capability: ITS allowed for offline distribution, enabling aid workers to operate effectively in areas with limited internet access.
  • Beneficiary Dignity: The solution upheld the dignity of beneficiaries by safeguarding their personal information.
  • Donor Compliance: ITS ensured compliance with donor requirements, enhancing transparency and accountability.
  • Mobility: Aid workers could now operate more efficiently in challenging conditions, thanks to ITS’s mobility features.
  • Cost Efficiency: The system reduced costs by eliminating the need for local roaming servers and leveraging mobile device capabilities.
  • Data Analysis: ITS provided the ability to analyze data, facilitating better identification of project progress and future needs.
  • Integration with Existing Systems: ITS seamlessly integrated with the existing systems responsible for beneficiary registration and humanitarian project management, enhancing coordination and efficiency across all aspects of WVI’s operations.

Item Tracking System

Our partnership with World Vision International resulted in the successful development and implementation of the Item Tracking System (ITS), addressing critical challenges in humanitarian aid delivery. ITS not only improved logistics and beneficiary control but also ensured data privacy, compliance, and mobility in the field. Yameo is proud to have played a pivotal role in empowering WVI to deliver aid more efficiently and effectively, reinforcing our commitment to being a trusted software development partner for organizations with a global impact.



Following the introduction of ITS, WVI experienced significant improvements in its humanitarian aid operations:

Streamlined Logistics
ITS simplified the process of tracking goods and managing the entire logistics service, resulting in more efficient aid delivery.
Enhanced Control
WVI gained better control over the distribution of items to those in need, ensuring aid reached the right beneficiaries.
Offline Distribution
Aid workers could now conduct offline distribution operations seamlessly, even in challenging and remote locations.
Seamless Integration
The integration of ITS with other WVI systems led to improved coordination, efficiency, and data accuracy, further enhancing overall aid operations.

World Vision International’s thoughts on Yameo

Their services are both high-quality and affordable. We’ve engaged other companies with the same scope of work and received much more expensive quotes.”

Richard Lankas
Technical Director, Disaster Management Digital Solutions at World Vision International

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