The project moved out of the innovation department and became a real product. We received funding for the next phase, which involved putting a real beta version on the market.

That’s a measure of success, and is mainly due to the MVP that Yameo developed. The MVP did everything it was supposed to do.

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Yvonne Liew
Innovation Manager

Software Consulting

Software Consulting: navigate challenges and get your project back on track

Gain access to expert guidance and support to help you overcome technical challenges, streamline your software development processes, and stay competitive in your industry. We work with you to identify technology problems, barriers, and opportunities for future improvements, so that you have a plan that’s ready to implement.

Software Consulting

As a software agency with over 16 years of experience, we are aware of the challenges you may face when developing a software project. That’s why, whether you’re looking to identify problems, reduce costs, or drive innovation, our team of experienced consultants is here to help you achieve your goals and succeed.

When can we help?

Before the project starts
Plan and prepare for software development projects. This can include identifying software needs, selecting appropriate technologies, and creating a detailed project plan.
In an on-going project
Support and guidance throughout the software development process. This can include technical oversight, project management support, and audits to ensure that the project is delivered on time, within budget, and to the desired quality standards.
After project delivery
Ensure that your software application continues to function properly and meets the evolving needs of the business. This can include code review and assessment, maintenance and support to help businesses stay ahead of the curve in their industry.

Bulletproof process:

Every project to be considered successful must be delivered on time, within the agreed budget, and deliver the quality you need. Hence, we’ve created a process designed to take the stress out of software development. We want to make sure you have access to experts who can give advice, share recommendations, and guide you when you’re not sure what to do.

How we work

Initial Insight


Define the challenge



Defined Problem Refined Solution


Design and build


Launch and test

Ready for new


Hosting and SLA

New ideas



Learning about your idea for the project, your business, and your customers. We want to define what’s your end goal and if we are the right partner for you.


Understanding your business goals, project objectives, and defining requirements. They can last from 2h – 5 days depending on the project. Based on that we define the scope, time, and budget for your project.


During this step we design, code, and test your solution. You will frequently get opportunities to test the solution, offer feedback, and keep full oversight into the progress.


Once we get the green light from you, the solution goes on production. At this point you have a ready to use product.


We cover monitoring to updates and repairs through our SLAs, to minimize the risk of business and customer impact.

New Ideas

After launching the solution, we host regular meetings to gather your feedback, provide new ideas for improvements or new solutions based on your needs and new business goals.

Scope of Services

Software development & architecture consultancy:

Software development consulting
Advising on software solutions to cover your business goals and requirements so that you can get the exact solution you need.
Software selection
recommending software solutions and pricing that best fit your requirements and market needs and allow for successful business development.
Software architecture consulting
identifying issues in software architecture to avoid business and customer impact.
Software modernization
establishing possible software updates to newer programing languages, frameworks, and infrastructure platforms to keep up with your competitors, enhance your customer service, and offer new services.
Tech stack analysis
reviewing the applications you are using, recommending new updates and tools so that you continue to meet customer and market needs.
Code quality check
Analyzing your code, its quality, and consistency, to quickly locate and fix bugs.

Compliance and security:

Software licensing/compliance
Running assessment checks and verifying compliance with industry law and regulations to eliminate violations and assure your business remains financially secure.
Security audits
Identifying vulnerabilities, threats, and risks in your software so that you can protect your business.

Business processes and efficiency:

Business process analysis
Analyzing your business processes and planning improvements based on software such as workflow automation, quick reporting, cloud utilization, video integration, etc., to enhance your business efficiency.
SaaS consulting
Strategic planning of your software development, tech stack and features to ensure quick and high ROI and product growth.
Project management consulting
Establishing processes to control your project and make sure it’s delivered within deadlines and budget.
Performance consulting
Testing your software’s performance, speed, stability, and scalability to quickly address and fix the issues.
CI/CD process consultation
Analyzing your CI/CD process or introducing CI/CD pipeline to optimize your processes and get better quality code.

What  you get

  • Know-how

    Experts’ guidance and support to help your business overcome technical challenges and stay competitive in your industry.
  • Reduced risks

    Improved project planning and predictability by identifying potential risks and challenges early on.
  • Recommendations

    Information on the current state of the project together with our suggestions and recommendations, as well as initial estimation of timeline and costs of innovations.
  • Proactive approach

    Proactive measures to address challenges and reduce the likelihood of delays, cost overruns, and other issues that can impact the success of your project.
  • Implementation support

    In addition to providing guidance and recommendations, our team can work with you to implement the necessary changes and improvements to your software project, ensuring that you receive end-to-end support throughout the entire development process.

What our customers say about us?

We work with IT companies a lot, and many of those big IT and software companies promise everything and it ends up being a disaster in the end. I have never had that experience with Yameo as they always deliver on what they promise, and it is always for good money.

Reginald Vogelzang
Vice President Innovation and Member of Board of Directors at DEKRA Service Division.

Their services are both high-quality and affordable. We’ve engaged other companies with the same scope of work and received much more expensive quotes.”

Richard Lankas
Technical Director, Disaster Management Digital Solutions at World Vision International

Thanks to the video kiosk software from Yameo we are winning more and more new customers.

Florian Hutter
Managing Director Innovation

Yameo effectively supports our needs and ideas. If we come up with ideas for innovative solutions, they help us translate them into opportunities — they do this quite fast. Overall, the support that we receive from them in this rapidly changing market is outstanding. The feedback of our internal and external stakeholders proves that.

Christian Ritter
Vice President Service Development Division Claims & Expertise

I really liked that they made me feel well taken care of as a customer. We had some demands and they met and exceeded them. Compared to our previous vendor this was a substantial change.

Oskar Jedynasty
Director at Ergo Hestia

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