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Discovery Workshops

Define goals, reduce risks, and establish requirements for your next software project

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Schedule a call to discuss your idea for a software project and prepare the plan for Discovery Workshops


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During Discovery Workshops we shape your idea into a plan

Discovery Workshops are needed to prepare an action plan according to the objectives, requirements, and goals of your business. This step in the development process allows all stakeholders to be on the same page and fully understand your business needs and the idea behind your software project.


Do you want to start a new software project or add new functionalities to an existing one?

Discovery Workshops allow you to:

Define your expectations

Estimate project budget and timeline

Identify user personas and stories

Establish key features of your product

Design mock-ups

Get a project plan

Who is the discovery workshop for?

Who should attend?

Everyone responsible for making decisions, or directly involved in and having an impact on the project, such as Product Owners, Technical Leaders, Business Owners, etc. Your team can consist of 2 to even 10 people; however, we don’t encourage having too many people present.


Yameo Team:

Responsible for leading the meeting, sharing ideas based on domain expertise, suggesting and verifying ideas based on market trends
UX Designer
Responsible for creating designs, lo-fi and hi-fi mock-ups, an expert in design trends
Architect/Senior Software Engineer
Verifies and gives ideas from the technical side
Business Analyst
Responsible for writing requirements and documentation, ensuring the logical consistency of the solution

the process of discovery workshop

What will you receive?

Clear project plan

  • Get a clear definition of your MVP together with mock-ups and defined milestones

Estimated timeline and budget

  • Know how long it will take to deliver your software project and how much will it cost

Aligned project vision

  • All stakeholders will know the goals and objectives of your software project, minimizing the risk of building the wrong thing

Mapped user journey

  • Get to know your target audience and identify their needs to create personalized experiences

Extra verification

  • Make sure you are prepared to start your software project development and that you have considered all the needed factors

Saved time and money

  • Instead of working on fixing bugs during development, act proactively and mitigate risks beforehand

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