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What is the true value of a design sprint?

26 Jan 2023 posted by Małgorzata Sikora

If you plan on developing a new software solution, then you probably need to test different ideas and prepare its prototype first. After all, designing a digital product is an intensive process, and it takes a great deal of time and work. What is more, it is best to work quickly, as wasting time may lead to bigger problems than not performing well in the market. There is a methodology that helps with just that – a design sprint. 

Design sprint

What is a design sprint? 

A design sprint is a collaborative process used to solve complex problems and test ideas within a limited timeframe. It combines the skills of designers, developers, strategists, and other professionals in order to create a solution that is both innovative and effective. The goal of the design sprint is to quickly identify potential solutions to a problem, validate them with customers, and develop an actionable plan for implementation. Design sprints can be used for any kind of project from product development to marketing campaigns. By using this method, teams are able to move quickly while still ensuring that their products or services meet customer needs. 

Design Sprint – Steps

The Design Sprint process is a structured approach to solving complex problems in just a week. During that week your team meets, and rapidly validates and clarifies your next steps in product development. It is a highly collaborative, interactive and goal-oriented process. Your team should consist of decision-makers, designers, marketing experts, developers, and people representing your customers. 


The process of a design sprint involves five steps: 

1st Step: Understand – During this step you map out what is the problem you try to solve, and what is the goal you aim towards. The main idea is to create a knowledge base for the whole team to work upon.  

2nd Step: Sketch – Here, you create and sketch as many ideas as possible. Each person has to work on their own and propose a solution to the problem you want to solve. 

3rd Step: Decide – This step is self-explanatory. You have a bunch of sketches of your future solution. Now, it is time to decide which one should be prototyped and tested. 

4th Step: Prototype – Once you have decided on which solution you want to test, you prototype it. The goal is to “fake it till you make it”. Create a realistic prototype that you can test in the next step. 

5th Step: Test – The last step consists of testing your prototype. Show it to your potential users and gather their feedback about your solution. 

What are the benefits? 

Design sprints are a great way to test ideas and prototypes quickly and efficiently. They provide an effective way for teams to rapidly prototype, test, and refine ideas before committing resources to them. The main benefits of running a design sprint include:

  • faster time-to-market,
  • improved collaboration between team members,
  • better customer feedback,
  • and cost savings on prototyping resources.

Design sprints can also help teams focus on the most important aspects of their project while avoiding distractions. 

Virtual design sprints 

Usually, design sprints are conducted in a form of in-person workshops. However, virtual design sprints are becoming more popular as teams are increasingly working remotely. This type of sprint allows teams to collaborate and work together on a project from different locations. It also allows them to use the latest technology and tools to solve problems faster. Running an online design sprint requires careful planning, communication, and coordination between team members. Although it may sound difficult to conduct a meeting with this many people while sharing different ideas and brainstorming, it is possible, and a lot of companies take advantage of that. 


Do you need to run a design sprint before launching a product? 

A Design Sprint is an effective way to get feedback from stakeholders, identify potential risks and opportunities, and find creative solutions to challenging problems. Design sprint can also help teams become more agile by creating an environment where everyone contributes ideas and works together to come up with creative solutions. 

Design Sprints are becoming increasingly popular in the business world as companies look for ways to accelerate innovation and create value faster than ever before. Whether you’re looking to launch a new product or service, or just need some fresh ideas on how to move your business forward, a Design Sprint could be just what you need. 

Summing up

Design sprints are an incredibly useful tool for unlocking the creativity and productivity of teams. By taking a few days to focus on a specific problem, design sprints provide a structured yet creative environment for teams to come up with innovative solutions. Design sprints also allow teams to quickly prototype and test ideas, reducing the cost and time associated with traditional product development processes. By utilizing them, teams can move faster while still ensuring that their products meet customer needs. Start using design sprints today and unlock your team’s potential! 


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